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Which flame color burns the hottest?
a) blue b) red c) yellow d) orange
Our sun is a yellow star. What elements would you find in it?
a) calcium and other metals b) hydrogen c) helium d) molecules
In which part of a spiral galaxy would you find nebulas?
a) spiral arms b) central bulge c) the halo d) throughout the galaxy
What kind of stars are low mass and remain on the main sequence a long time and may be some of the oldest in the galaxy?
a) Red dwarf b) White dwarf c) Red giant d) Yellow star
How does a star die?
a) in a supernova explosion b) in a globular cluster c) in a nebula d) when it enters a spiral galaxy
What are large groupings of stars in space?
a) galaxies b) quasars c) planets d) pulsars
What class star is our sun?
a) G b) A c) B d) F
What are the majority of the stars in our galaxy?
a) main-sequence stars b) white dwarf c) blue d) red giant
The H-R Diagram is used as a tool for studying stars because it shows how stars
a) are classfied by temperature and brightness and change over time b) are classified by temperature c) are classified by brightness d) change over time
Which galaxy does not fit into any other class because its shape is not regular?
a) irregular b) spiral c) elliptical d) barred spiral
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