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The % of open space pores, cracks in material compared to the amount of total volume.
a) porosity b) permeability c) water retention d) water table
the model or diagam used to illustrate the movement of water at Earth's surface
a) water retention b) water table c) permeability d) water cycle
particles that are the same size- have high porosity
a) porosity b) unsorted c) sorted d) permeability
natural liquid water flows at Earth's surface
a) permeability b) runoff c) water table d) water retention
the boundary between zone saturation, aeration
a) water retention b) porosity c) peremability d) water table
particles of mixed sizes- can have low porosity due to compaction
a) sorted b) permeability c) unsorted d) porosity
preciptation thats stored on land as ice, snow
a) water table b) water retention c) porosity d) permeability
subsurface water found beneath the water table
a) ground water b) water table c) zone aertion d) zone saturation
ability of material to allow water to pass through
a) unsorted b) porosity c) infiltration d) permeability
water enters, sinks due to gravity becomes subsurface water
a) permeability b) infiltrate c) porosity d) zone aeration
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