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a place where the energy of moving water turns turbines attached to generators that produce electricity
a) hydroelectric power b) fossil fuels c) wind energy d) solar energy
the buildup of heat that occurs when solar energy strikes material and is trapped
a) solar cell b) radiation c) greenhouse effect d) solar collector
an area of geothermal energy beneath the earth\'s surface in which magma collects
a) geyser b) solar cell c) reactor d) hot spot
the process by which the nuclei of atoms are combined, releasing energy
a) nuclear reactor b) refinery c) nuclear fusion d) nuclear fission
the energy of rising and falling water levels to produce electricity
a) tidal energy b) biomass energy c) wind energy d) solar energy
a device that changes solar energy into electrical energy
a) solar cell b) greenhouse effect c) solar energy d) solar collector
the daily movement of water levels along the shore
a) wind energy b) tides c) nuclear fission d) nuclear energy
the process by which oxygen from the air combines with a fuel, producing heat and light; burning
a) refinery b) radiation c) greenhouse effect d) combustion
the process of changing biomass into usuable energy
a) combustion b) nuclear fission c) bioconversion d) greenhouse effect
a special structure in which nuclear fission takes place
a) refinery b) solar cell c) geyser d) reactor
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