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State of Matter
a) the forms in which a material can exist b) Candy c) Cake d) Ice Cream
3 state of mater
a) Solids b) Liquids c) Gases d) All
a) Matter that has a definite shape and volume b) jello c) jelly fish d) water
Physical Change
a) When matter changes to look different but does not become a new kind of matter. b) c) d)
Example of a solid
a) an apple, b) a dice c) a rock or wood d) All
a) Matter that has a definite volume and takes the shape of its container. b) c) d)
Examples of a liquid
a) Water, juice, oil, maple syrup b) Juice c) oil & Maple Syrup d) all
Example of a physical change
a) Water freezing b) c) d)
a) Matter that spreads to fill a space b) c) d)
Examples of a gas
a) Air b) Steam c) Helium d) All
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