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The demand for a particular job
a) career b) lifestyle c) job market d) economy
a series of related jobs built on a foundation of interest, knowledge, training and experience
a) career b) job c) job market d) team
the way you use your time, resources, and energy
a) global economy b) job c) outsourcing d) lifestyle
the ways in which a group produces, distributes and consumes goods and services
a) team b) economy c) global economy d) telecommuting
working at home using a computer, fax and telephone
a) economy b) career c) outsourcing d) telecommuting
the ways in which the world's economies are linked
a) global economy b) economy c) outsourcing d) telecommuting
an organized group that sets goals, makes decisions, and implements action within a company
a) export b) goods-producing c) team d) service-producing
practice in which a business hires other companies and individuals to produce goods or services
a) telecommuting b) outsourcing c) goods-producing d) team
If you are a good problem solver and can come up with creative solutions to problems, you have strong
a) personal qualities b) technology skills c) basic skills d) thinking skills
A large farm implement company that hires another company to produce and distribute its lawn tractors is practicing
a) outsourcing b) telecommuting c) exporting d) quality control
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