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An area formed at the mouth of a river by deposits of silt
a) Cataract b) Fertile Crescent c) Delta d) Papyrus
Female pharaoh in ancient Egypt, known for encouraging trade
a) Ramses the Great b) Hatshepsut c) Menes d) Narmer
A highly structured organization managed by officials
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) Bureaucracy d) Theocracy
The belief in one god
a) Monotheism b) Polytheism c) Theocracy d) Oligarchy
Rocky structures in a river marked by fast currents or a waterfall
a) Delta b) Cataract c) Levee d) Irrigation ditch
Ruler of ancient Egypt
a) Emperor b) Theocracy c) Monarch d) Pharaoh
A government ruled by religious leaders who claim God's authority
a) Democracy b) Theocracy c) Dynasty d) Monarchy
First pharaoh of Egypt, he united Upper and Lower Egypt
a) Menes b) Hatshpsut c) Cleopatra d) Ramses II
Paperlike material made from a plant that grows in the Nile River delta
a) papyrus b) cataracts c) cuneiform d) heiroglyphics
Pharaoh of Egypt, he built more temples and monuments than any other pharaoh
a) Narmer b) Menes c) Ramses the Great d) Hatshepsut
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