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The individual working for a company is called…
a) Employer b) Employee c) Employment d) Human
The company employing and paying the worker is called…
a) Unemployment b) Employment c) Employee d) Employer
The amount of money earned while working up to 40 hours per week is called…
a) Regular Pay b) Overtime Pay c) Federal Tax d) Deduction
The amount of money earned after deductions is called…
a) Net Pay b) Gross Pay c) CPP d) RRSP
The amounts of money that reduce gross pay are known as…
a) Federal Tax b) Provincial Tax c) Deductions d) Net Pay
Overtime Pay is earned when you have worked more than how many hours?
a) 50 hours b) 40 hours c) 30 hours d) 20 hours
The amount of money earned before deductions is called…
a) Net Pay b) Profit c) EI d) Gross Pay
SIN means…
a) Social Insurance Number b) Social Identity Number c) Social Information Numeral d) Social Identification Nuisance
When you are 65 years old, what is the pension you receive?
a) Employment Insurance b) Canadian Pension Payout c) Canada Pension Plan d) Canuck Payers Plan
EI is paid out to individuals when this occurs…
a) Win the lottery b) Retire c) Sickness d) Unemployed
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