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If you double mass, acceleration would
a) double b) be cut in half c) triple d) not change
True or False: Whenever one object exerts a force on another object, the 2nd object always exerts a force back on the first object.
a) True b) False c) d)
Which of the following is the formula used to express Newton's 2nd Law of Motion?
a) F = ma b) a = mf c) m = fa d) F= a/f
Defined as the force exerted on an object times the time over which that force is applied
a) impulse b) momentum c) force d) pressure
A girl pulls on a 10 kg wagon with a constant force of 20 N. What is the wagon's acceleration?
a) 0.5 m/s^2 b) 2 m/s^2 c) 200 m/s^2 d) 20 m/s^2
Forces always occur
a) as single quantities b) by themselves c) in pairs d) in triplets
Which of the following would exert the most pressure on the ground?
a) A woman standing in running shoes b) A woman standing on skis c) A woman standing in high heels d) A woman sitting down
Pressure is defined as
a) time per area b) velocity per time c) force per area d) force per time
If the force acting on a cart doubles, what happens to the cart's acceleration?
a) It doubles. b) It is cut in half. c) It is cut in 1/4. d) It is quadrupled.
True or False: Momentum is a scalar quantity.
a) False b) True c) d)
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