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Factors that are passed from parents to offspring.
a) Genes b) Alleles c) Traits d) Chromosomes
Brown eyes are dominant to blue. Can 2 blue eyed parents have a brown eyed child.
a) Yes, they can pass on a dominant allele. b) Yes, they have a 50% chance of passing on a dominant trait. c) No, the parents can only pass on a recessive allele. d) No, they're child would be homozygous dominant
Which of the following blood types is considered the “universal donor”?
a) O b) A c) B d) AB
With what type of plants and in what way, did Gregor Mendel complete his experiments.
a) pea plants; self-pollinated b) pea plants; cross pollinated c) bean plants; self-pollinated d) bean plants; cross pollinated
Blood type is an example of which of the following?
a) Multiple alleles b) Codominance c) Polygenic Traits d) Incomplete dominance
The separation of alleles
a) segregation b) fertilization c) meiosis d) mitosis
Human’s have a haploid number of 46 chromosomes.
a) True b) False c) d)
The different forms of a gene.
a) Alleles b) Traits c) Chromosomes d) Chromatid
If an organism has a genotype of GG what can we say about it?
a) It is homozygous dominant b) It is homozygous recessive c) It is heterzygous d) It is green
Human sex cells are haploid.
a) True b) False c) d)
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