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law prividing religious toleration of all Chistians Act of
a) Dixon b) racism c) blockade d) Toleration
soldier who fights for pay
a) mercenary b) gentry c) rights d) traitor
this person worked for a master to learn a craft or trade
a) exports b) merchants c) apprentice d) Green
soemone who betrays their country
a) Townshend b) Sabbath c) royal colony d) traitor
shutting of a port to keep people or supplies from moving in or out
a) royal colony b) blockade c) rights d) town
the top of society
a) cash b) tutor c) gentry d) Bacon's
army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency
a) Albany b) massacre c) militia d) boycott
clever hardworking northerners were called this
a) first b) Boston c) Yankee d) Pontiac
Pennsylvania religious group
a) public b) minuteman c) Townshend d) Quaker
holy day of rest
a) militia b) loyalist c) Sabbath d) Dixon
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