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I _________ like English. I think French is more fun.
a) don't b) doesn't c) haven't d) didn't
She _________ go to the theater yesterday.
a) hasn't b) doesn't c) didn't d) haven't
We _______ doing our homework right now.
a) do b) have c) are d) will
They ___________ been to California many times.
a) are b) have c) do d) does
I __________ do my homework tomorrow.
a) can b) have c) am d) will
My stepmother ___________ like to dance.
a) don't b) won't c) doesn't d) isn't
________ you like to play basketball?
a) Do b) Are c) Have d) Will
_________ he going to the party tomorrow night?
a) Are b) Is c) Will d) Do
What ________ you doing right now?
a) can b) have c) does d) are
________ you finished the activity?
a) Are b) Do c) Have d) Will
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