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It is not fair to other people when someone ________ the honor system.
a) distrust b) values c) abuses d) promote
It is societies responsiblity to provide ________ to those in need.
a) sufferings b) worthy c) blotting d) welfare
Her feelings of concern for Debra are _______.
a) abuses b) privacy c) genuine d) shameful
One sunny day, Dee looked around and marveled at all ________.
a) worthy b) creation c) companionship d) values
Mr. Kohler loved the ________ of his garden with its high shrubs.
a) creative b) companionship c) genuine d) privacy
The creative poem is ________ of publication.
a) promote b) creation c) worthy d) reassuring
When people cannot be relied on, there is ________.
a) sufferings b) shameful c) abuses d) distrust
Brushing your teeth will help ________ better dental health.
a) creation b) promote c) reassuring d) worthy
Seeing her mom's ________ smile made Marie feel less nervous.
a) worthy b) creative c) values d) reassuring
Poverty brings ________ to so many people.
a) distrust b) privacy c) sufferings d) worthy
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