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The address of the receiver of the letter.
a) Letter Address/ Inside Address b) Return Address c) Salutation d) Open Punctuation
Is stationary that is used instead of the return address in a business letter and consists of the business' name address, phone/fax/email, and logo.
a) Return Address b) Letterhead c) Personal Business Letter d) Open Punctuation
A colon or comma is keyed in the salutation and a comma is in the complimentary close.
a) Mixed Punctuation b) Open Punctuation c) Salutation d) Enclosure Notation
There is not a colon keyed in the salutation and there is not a comma in the complimentary close.
a) Mixed Punctuation b) Salutation c) Punctuation d) Open punctuation
A letter written by an individual to deal with business of a personal nature. ( A letter that is sent from and individual to a person or business/organization.)
a) Business Letter b) Personal Business Letter c) Memo d) Agenda
The greeting of a letter that is keyed a double space below the letter address.
a) Complimentary Close b) Salutation c) Mixed Punctuation d) Letterhead
The address of the sender of the letter and consists of a line for the street address and one for the city, state, and zip code.
a) Inside Address b) Letter c) Return Address d) Letterhead
Ending the letter. Example: Sincerely yours.
a) Return Address b) Inside address c) Salutation d) Complimentary Close
A keying style for a letter or memo in which all the text is aligned at the left margin.
a) Block Style b) Letterhead c) Mixed Punctuation d) Open Punctuation
A letter sent from one business or ogranization to another or to an individual.
a) Personal Business Letter b) Enclosure Notation c) Business Letter d) Memo
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