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Which of the following is an example of how ancient climates provided evidence of continental drift?
a) Land areas that show evidence of ancient glaciation are now near the equator b) Similar mountain chains in North America and the British Isles c) The coastlines of South America and Africa appear to fit together d) The remains of Mesosaurus are found on both South America and southern Africa
According to hypothesis of contintental drift, what is the supercontinent that existed about 300 million years ago?
a) Pangaea b) Gondwana c) Laurasia d) Eurasia
By 1968, new data about the ocean floor, earthquake activity and the magnetic layers of the ocean led to a new theory called_________________.
a) Plate tectonics b) Elastic rebound theory c) Continental drift d) Paleomagnetism
The lithospheric plates are made up of which layers of the Earth?
a) Crust and uppermost mantle b) Mantle and outer core c) Crust and outer core d) Crust and all of the mantle
Plates move together at this type of boundary.
a) Convergent boundary b) Divergent boundary c) Transform boundary d) Spreading center
Which of the following is NOT evidence for sea-floor spreading?
a) Similar fossils found in North America and Europe b) Strips of alternating polarity that lie as mirror images along ocean ridges c) The oldest ocean crust lies near the edges of continents d) The youngest ocean crust lies near the mid-ocean ridges
In which type of plate boundary do two plates move away from each other?
a) Divergent b) Transform c) Convergent d) Trench
What feature forms when a deep valley is created by a subducting plate?
a) Trench b) Volcanic arc c) Mid-ocean ridge d) Volcano
The Hawaiin Islands formed as a result of __________________.
a) Intraplate volcanism b) Divergent plate volcanism c) Convergent plate volcanism d) Decompression melting
In which of the following areas would you MOST likely expect an earthquake or volcano to occur?
a) Ring of Fire b) Mid-continents c) Transform boundaries d) Australia
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