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Soil is a mixture of weathered rock and __________.
a) decayed organic matter b) water and air c) mineral fragments d) All of these
The layer of soil that contains the most humus and smaller rock and mineral particles that the other layers is the __________ horizon.
a) A b) B c) C d) D
The organic material in humus includes __________.
a) weathered rocks b) plant leaves and stems c) sand d) air
Compared to the A horizon in a soil profile, the B horizon __________.
a) all of these b) is lighter in color c) contains material leached from the A horizon d) contains less humus
The difference between mechanical and chemical weathering is __________.
a) the length of time each takes to break up rock b) that each occurs in different parts of the world c) only one changes the chemical composition of a rock d) that only chemical weathering involves water
A process that wears away surface materials and moves them to a different location.
a) deflation b) creep c) erosion d) deposition
Mass movement when sediments slowly inch their way down a slope.
a) deflation b) creep c) erosion d) deposition
Wind erosion of loose sediments.
a) deflation b) creep c) erosion d) deposition
A mixture of different-sized sediments deposited by a glacier.
a) loess b) dunes c) deposition d) till
Deposits formed when windblown sediments settle and build up behind an obstacle.
a) loess b) dunes c) deposition d) till
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