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__________ are particles without electric charge in the atom's nucleus.
a) Neutrons b) Electrons c) Protons d) Ions
A positively charged _____ has more protons than electrons.
a) Isotope b) Ion c) Neutron d) Molecule
Isotopes of carbon have different __________.
a) Mass numbers b) Numbers of electrons c) Atomic numbers d) Numbers of protons
Anything that takes up space and has mass is _________.
a) matter b) a compound c) an element d) plasma
__________ are particles located in an atoms's nucleus.
a) Electrons and neutrons b) Protons and electrons c) Protons and neutrons d) Only electrons
Magma that cools below Earth's surface forms __________ rock.
a) intrusive igneous b) intrusive metamorphic c) extrusive igneous d) extrusive metamorphic
Foliated rocks are distinguished by __________.
a) the shape and size of the sediments b) large pores c) the enlargement of mineral grains d) layers
Sedimentary rocks are __________.
a) formed from already existing rocks that are weathered and eroded b) formed below Earth's surface as magma c) a type of foliated igneous rock d) formed by great heat
Pumice, obsidian, and scoria are kinds of __________.
a) extrusive rocks b) granite c) volcanic glass d) andesitic rocks
A rock is __________.
a) a pure mineral b) always made of molten material c) a mixture of minerals, organic matter, volcanic glass, or other material. d) either igneous or sedimentary
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