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The family used __________ to keep their lanterns lit.
a) kerosene b) gasoline c) vegetable oil d) spices
The lion made a loud growl and showed his ________ teeth.
a) small b) dirty c) fierce d) broken
Many wonderful foods were stored in the __________.
a) bedroom b) barn c) butcher d) pantry
Laura did not want her father to _________ the poor hog.
a) sell b) butcher c) thimble d) hickory
We made circular patterns on the frosty window with Ma\\\'s _________.
a) cup b) spices c) thimble d) kerosene
Laura knew the deer Pa killed would provide _____ for dinner.
a) venison b) spices c) churn d) pantry
Ma seasoned food with the _____ that the family had stored.
a) thimble b) butcher c) fierce d) spices
The _____ was used to make cream into butter for the family.
a) mixer b) hickory c) churn d) fierce
Pa used ________ chips to cook the venison.
a) potato b) corn c) hickory d) pantry
Laura and Mary begged Pa to tell _________.
a) kerosene b) stories c) butcher d) hickory
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