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_____________ is the ability to do work.
a) energy b) work c) potential d) kinetic
Energy in motion is considered to be _____________ energy.
a) kinetic b) work c) energy d) potential
Energy that is stored is considered to be _______________ energy.
a) potential b) work c) energy d) kinetic
The product of force and distance when a force is used to move an object is ______________.
a) work b) potential c) kinetic d) energy
A push or pull exerted on an object is _____________.
a) force b) potential c) energy d) work
The energy associated with objects that can be stretched or compressed is called ____________.
a) elastic potential energy b) work c) energy d) gravitational potential energy
Potential energy that depends on height is called ______________.
a) gravitational potential energy b) force c) work d) elastic potential energy
Energy is stored as ________________ in the foods we eat. It is also stored in batteries and in a match that is used to light a candle.
a) chemical energy b) electrical energy c) thermal energy d) mechanical energy
When the _______________ of an object increases, its particles move faster, making it feel warm to the touch.
a) thermal energy b) electrical energy c) chemical energy d) mechanical energy
Moving electric charges produce electricity, and _______________ is the energy they carry.
a) electrical energy b) mechanical energy c) chemical energy d) thermal energy
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