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Which Kingdom would a mushroom be classified in?
a) animal b) moneron c) fungi d)
Marine creatures need what to be in the ocean water to survive?
a) Dissolved oxygen b) pollution c) sediment d)
Animals with backbones are called
a) invertebrates b) amphibians c) vertebrates d)
Animals with hair are called
a) invertebrates b) mammals c) bugs d)
Ocean trenches are very deep and the continental shelf is relatively
a) shallow b) wide c) narrow d)
What percentage of Earth is covered with land?
a) 20 b) 70 c) 30 d)
The Continental slope connects the continental rise and the continental shelf
a) True b) False c) Only on Tuesdays d)
Mammals are different than reptiles in that mammals have:
a) scales b) slimy skin c) hair d)
Currents are really just like __________ in the ocean.
a) ponds b) rivers c) lakes d)
The moon uses gravity to affect the earth's __________.
a) mountains b) tides c) puddles d)
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