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Hitler was the leader of ....
a) France b) Germany c) Austria d) Engalnd
This cause of WWII deals with building up of weapons
a) Militarism b) Nationalism c) Imperialism d) Sectionalism
Winston Churchill was the leader of _________ during WWII
a) USA b) UK c) France d) Germany
This cause of WWII deals with pride in one's country
a) Militarism b) Sectionalism c) Nationalism d) Communism
The leader of the US during WWII
a) Hitler b) Churchill c) Hirohito d) Franklin Roosevelt
A cause of WWII
a) World wide economic depression b) Communism c) Symbolism d) The Treaty of Paris
The Leader of Russia during WWII
a) Joseph Kennedy b) Joseph Stalin c) Joseph Brennan d) Joseph Vladimir
Which three causes were shared by WWI and WWII?
a) Nationalism, Communism, and Socialism b) Nationlism, Militarism, and Communism c) Imperialism, Nationalism, and Militarism d) Nationalism, Imperialism, and Facism
This cause of WWII means extreme devotion to the state-no individual freedoms....
a) Facism b) Nationalism c) Communism d) Socialism
The Allies were.....
a) UK, USSR, and Germany b) Germany, Japan, and Italy c) US, UK, and Japan d) US, UK, and USSR
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