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Why do scientists believe that viruses evolved after cells?
a) viruses are more complex b) fossil evidence proves it c) viruses require cells to survive d)
Prokaryotic cells are found in
a) bacteria b) algae c) plants d)
Viruses are not consider to be living because they normally are reproduced by
a) meiosis b) spores c) using a host cell d)
A drug that kills bacteria, but has no effect on viruses is called
a) pesticide b) aspirin c) antibiotic d)
Which organism requires the presence of a host cell because it can NOT reproduce by itself
a) algae b) virus c) bacteria d)
The scientific name for dog is Canis familaris; this refers to its
a) kingdom/phylum b) genus/species c) order/class d)
The classification group that shows the greatest similarity among its member is
a) genus b) kingdom c) species d)
In early stages of development cats and frogs resemble each other this suggests
a) they share common ancestry b) they have the same stylist c) their habits are similar d)
When an organism can produces its own food it is called
a) heterotrophic b) autotrophic c) prokaryotic d)
The scientific name for cat is Felis catus this refers its
a) genus/species b) class/order c) kingdom/phylum d)
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