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An amoeba is a kind of ______ .
a) diatom b) ciliate c) algae d) protozoan
A “red tide” is caused by an explosion of one-celled ______ .
a) paramecium b) dinoflagellates c) flagellates d) red algae
Footlike extensions of cytoplasm are called ______ .
a) pseudopods b) algae c) flagella d) cilia
Short, hairlike structures that extend from the cell membrane are ______
a) flagella b) pseudopods c) cilia d) protozoans
The Irish potato famine of 1846–1847 was caused by a ______ .
a) slime mold b) diatom c) water mold d) protozoan
Yeasts can reproduce asexually by budding.
a) True b) c) d) False
Penicillum is an example of imperfect fungi.
a) True b) c) d) False
Fungi always feed on live organisms
a) True b) c) d) False
Where are you most likely to find fungi growing?
a) in warm, moist areas b) in hot, dry areas c) in cool, dry areas d) in cold, wet areas
Mushrooms are an example of a ___________________
a) sac fungi b) club fungi c) zygote fungi d) slime fungi
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