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What is position
a) the location of an object b) c) d)
What is a reference point
a) a place to which another location can be compared (landmark) b) c) d)
What is motion
a) a change in position over time b) c) d)
Describe Circular motion
a) motion at a set distance around a point b) c) d)
Describe straight line motion
a) motion in one direction b) c) d)
A Ferris wheel is an example of
a) circular motion b) c) d)
Describe projectile motion
a) Motion of an object that is affected by gravity b) c) d)
Throwing a football is an example of
a) projectile motion b) c) d)
What are the four types of motion
a) straight line, projectile, circular, back and forth b) c) d)
A cell phone vibrating is an example of
a) back and forth motion b) c) d)
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