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The process of observing, studying, and experimenting in order to gain knowledge about nature is called _______.
a) Science b) Data c) Experiment d) Theory
The APPLICATION of scientific knowledge for a useful purpose is called ________.
a) Theory b) Control group c) Technology d) Data
The information that is gathered from scientific observation is referred to as ______.
a) Data b) Hypothesis c) International System of Measurement (SI) d) Control group
A test or trial in which data are gathered is called a(n) ______.
a) Theory b) Science c) Technology d) Experiment
In order to standardize measurements, worldwide, scientists have adopted a modern form of the metric system is known as the ________.
a) International System of Measurement (SI) b) Independent Variable c) Dependent Variable d) Data
The study of data usually leads to the formation of a(n) _____, an explanatory statement that explains the data and reveals relationships between these scientific facts.
a) Theory b) Hypothesis c) Experiment d) Law
A _____ is one in which all of the variables are the same except the one factor being tested.
a) Experimental Group b) Data c) Independent Variable d) Controlled Experiment
The factor being tested is referred to as the ______.
a) Independent Variable b) Dependent Variable c) Theory d) Data
When a hypothesis has not been found to be false as a result of experimentation over a long period of time, that hypothesis achieves the status of a _______.
a) Technology b) Theory c) Data d) Science
In an experiment, the group in which all variables remain constant is called the ________.
a) Experimental Group b) Independent Variable c) Control Group d) Dependent Variable
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