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Lab Equipment- 7th Grade: Question Preview (ID: 7981)

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A graduated cylinder\'s unit of measure is...
a) mL b) L c) g d) mm  
A beaker measures...
a) volume b) weight c) mass d) length  
A balance scale measures...
a) mass b) density c) length d) volume  
To find the volume of an irregularly shaped object you would...
a) use a beaker with water in it...drop the object in...see how much the water rose and record answer b) you can\'t find it c) mass x length d) mass x volume  
Density =...
a) mass x volume b) mass c) volume x length d) mass x length  
A metric ruler\'s unit of measure is...
a) cm b) g c) L d) mL  
There are 10 mm in every...
a) cm b) yard c) mL d) L  
Metrics is based on the number...
a) 10 b) 2 c) 11 d) 12  
How many grams are in a kg?
a) 1000 b) 50 c) 10 d) 100  
A thermometer is used to measure...
a) temperature b) volume c) mass d) weight  

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