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What is the name of the island off the coast of Italy?
a) Sicily b) Cyprus c) Crete d) Madagascar
Roman soldiers were called?
a) phalanx b) Scipio c) Legionaries d) patricians
Rome's upper class was known as
a) Plebeians b) Patriarchs c) Patricians d) Consuls
This was the general who defeated Hannibal near Carthage
a) Augustine b) Brutus c) Constantine d) Scipio
He was a North African born Christian scholar
a) Constantine b) Augustine c) Diocletian d) Nero
This group of people refused to fight in the army of Rome until they gained representation
a) Plebeians b) Patricians c) Patriarchs d) Consuls
This was the name of the river that was crossed by Julius Caesar that started a civil war
a) Thames b) Nile c) Rubicon d) Euphrates
He was the German ruler who declared himself king
a) Odoacer b) Brutus c) Attila d) Constantine
This group of leaders tended to live by Stoic principles
a) Good Emperors b) Bad Emperors c) Romus and Remus d) Julio-Claudians
This group or rulers ruled from 14 AD to 68 AD
a) Good Emperors b) Julio-Claudians c) Bad Emperors d) Marc Antony and Cleopatra
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