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Which statement BEST describes how the sun and Earth are related?
a) Earth revolves around the sun b) Sun revolves around the earth c) Earth rotates around the sun d) Sun rotates around the earth
The whole Earth is closest in distance to the Sun during
a) first day of summer b) first days of spring and autumn c) first day of autumn d) first days of summer and winter
During which phase of the moon can a solar eclipse occur
a) full moon b) new moon c) first quarter moon d) last quarter moon
When the earth,moon, and sun are in which order will the tide be the greatest?
a) sun, moon, then earth b) moon, earth, then sun c) sun, earth, moon at a right angle to the earth d) sun, earth, then moon
At which lunar phase are tides most pronounced
a) full moon b) new moon c) first quarter d) both new and full moons
Compared to all other stars in the universe, what sized star is the sun?
a) small b) medium c) large d) the sun is the only star in the universe
During which season in the Northern Hemisphere does the sun's rays hit the earth at the most direct angle?
a) Winter b) Summer c) Spring d) Fall
How many degrees is the earth's axis tilted?
a) 0 b) 23.5 c) 45 d) 90
During which season in the Northern Hemisphere are the days the shortest?
a) winter b) summer c) spring d) fall
The lifetime of a star depends on its
a) temperature b) brightness c) mass d) magnitude
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