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Electric force is created by ____?
a) Moving protons b) Moving electrons c) Non-moving electrons d) Moving neutrons
Is electricity flowing because of gravity?
a) No b) Yes c) Sometimes d) Never
Do like charges attract or repel?
a) Repel b) Do nothing c) Attract d) None of the above
Electricity is transfered by ____?
a) Wires b) Pipes c) Paper d) Air
Opposite charges ____?
a) Nothing b) Attract c) Repel d) None of the above
Who was the first person to realize that lightening was a huge electrical discharge?
a) Nobody b) Thomas Jefferson c) Alexander Grandbell d) Benjamin Franklin
Two unlike charges will _____.
a) Repel b) Attract c) Nothing d) None of the above
Materials that do not transfer charge easily are called _______.
a) Styrofoam b) Paper c) Insulator d) Conductor
Materials like metal are called _____. Choose the best answer.
a) Conductors b) Insulators c) Wires d) Electricity
A charged particle produces _____ in the space around it.
a) Space b) Force c) Charges d) Electric field
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