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Volcanoes and earthquakes usually happen around
a) Farms b) Plate boundaries c) Holidays d) The Americas
Which type of waves help locate the focus of an earthquake...
a) Surface waves b) Tsunami waves c) Body waves d) Tidal waves
The supercontinent was called...
a) Pineapple b) Pangaea c) Eurasia d) Africasia
The point on the Earth's surface directly above the focus is called...
a) the mantle b) the focus c) the epicenter d) the cinder cone
How many types of mountains are there
a) 2 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6
The theory that the plates move across the mantle is called
a) continental drift b) continental spreading c) plate tectonics d) plate spreading
Cinder cone volcanoes...
a) have a crater at the top b) have flat sides c) have divergent sides d) have no magma
A CONVERGENT boundary is where
a) 2 plates move away from each other b) 2 plates scrape past each other c) 2 plates push into each other d) 2 plates shake rapidly
A convergent boundary usually creates
a) a hurricane b) a tornado c) a snow day d) a mountain
The San Andreas Fault is located in
a) Italy b) Minnesota c) California d) New Hampshire
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