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Where does the energy for plants come from?
a) chlorophyll b) animals c) consumers d) the sun
_____ is chemical energy used by cells.
a) ATP b) DNA c) RNA d) Cytokinesis
Plants breathe in _____.
a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) carbon dioxide d) helium
Photosynthesis does NOT occur in _____.
a) plants b) organisms with chloroplasts c) animals d) algae
Cellular respiration occurs in _____.
a) plants b) animals c) plants and animals d) neither plants nor animals
Cells spend most of their life in the _____ stage.
a) G1 b) S c) G2 d) Mitosis
_____ is the stage of the cell cycle in which the nucleus divides.
a) Cytokinesis b) Mitosis c) Interphase d) Synthesis
The first letters of the stages of mitosis in order are:
_____ is used to make gametes such as sperm and eggs.
a) Mitosis b) Meiosis c) Interphase d) Cytokinesis
_____ is characterized by 2 stages and the formation of 4 daughter cells.
a) Interphase b) Mitosis c) Meiosis d) Cytokinesis
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