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Some _____ are many-celled, even though they are protists.
a) algae b) paramecia c) sporozoans d) mushrooms
A mycelium is made up of many _____.
a) fungi b) hyphae c) roots d) seeds
Unlike animals _____, digest food outside of their bodies.
a) protists b) fungi c) bacteria d) plants
_____ is a relationship in which one organism benefits and the other is unaffected.
a) Mutualism b) Predation c) Parasitism d) Commensalism
Passive transport _____ energy.
a) does not require b) does require c) sometimes requires d) destroys
The cell membrane is made of a _____.
a) homeostasis b) lipid bilayer c) protein layer d) carbohydrate trilayer
During _____, bulky materials are taken into a cell by surrounding it with membrane.
a) exocytosis b) endocytosis c) facilitated diffusion d) osmosis
During passive transport, particles will spread out until they reach a state of _____.
a) pressure b) permeability c) equilibrium d) confusion
_____ is NOT a type of passive transport.
a) Diffusion b) Osmosis c) Protein Pump d) Facilitated Diffusion
What type of organism always starts a food chain?
a) producer b) consumer c) secondary consumer d) sun
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