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The two-word name of a species is its _____.
a) taxonomy b) scientific name c) kingdom d) common game
Algae belong to the _____ kingdom.
a) plant b) animal c) moneran d) protist
The _____ is the thin layer that surrounds and holds together a cell.
a) cell wall b) nucleus c) lysosome d) cell membrane
Plants with seeds usually produce offspring by _____ reproduction.
a) sexual b) asexual c) no d) none of the answers
_____ is the green pigment in plants that captures light energy for photosynthesis
a) Lysosome b) Chlorphyll c) Glucose d) ATP
The cell part that gives structure to plant cells is the _____.
a) vacuole b) lysosome c) cell membrane d) cell wall
A gel-like substance in both plant and animal cells is ______.
a) chloroplast b) mitochondria c) cytoplasm d) nucleus
The role of the mitochondria is to _____.
a) use oxygen to break down food and release energy. b) capture light energy for photosynthesis c) store DNA d) package and transport proteins.
Plant cells have chloroplasts to _____.
a) contain food and water b) distribute proteins c) aid in photosynthesis d) aid in cellular respiration
Sugars or starches used for energy are _____.
a) proteins b) carbohydrates c) lipids d) nucleic acids
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