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This usually runs from September to June
a) Accredited b) Academic Year c) Bachelor's Degree d) Application Fee
An advanced college degree earned after a bachelor degree
a) Master's Degree b) Bachelor's Degree c) Registar d) Transcript
A degree granted by a college after students complete 4 years
a) Associates Degree b) Bachelor's Degree c) Liberal Arts Degree d) Masters Degree
Classes that all students must take regardless of major
a) Upper Division b) Gift Aid c) General Education d) Liberal Arts
An academic title recieved after successfully completeing a program of study
a) Elective b) Department c) Degree d) Faculty
An optional class
a) Elective b) Diploma c) Dean d) Degree
Programs that help students pay for college
a) Degree b) Financial Aid c) Credit d) Fee
Scholastic Aptitude Test
a) PSAT b) Semester c) SAT d) ACT
The official record of a students educational process
a) Elective b) Admission c) Transcript d) Semester
The teachers, professors and instructors who teach at a school
a) Elective b) S.A.T. c) Academic d) Faculty
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