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The ____ believed in only one god.
a) Akkadians b) Sumerians c) Hebrews d) Persians
Hindus believe they are born and reborn into one of four _____.
a) cultures b) castes c) dynasties d) classes
The Chinese built the _____ to keep out nomadic invaders.
a) Great Wall b) Grand Canal c) Khyber Pass d) Rocky Mountains
_____ was the first Christian emperor of Rome.
a) Marcus Aurelius b) Agustus Caesar c) Constantine d) Marco Polo
The word _____ comes from the Latain word for father.
a) plebeian b) partician c) republic d) ice cream
An empire is a nation which _____ a large area of land.
a) annexes b) rules c) adopts d) destroys
The first civilizations developed around _____.
a) deserts b) mountains c) river valleys d) polar ice caps
An _____ studies the things humans left behind.
a) archaeologist b) anthropologist c) artisan d) archer
Historians call Muhammad's journey from Mecca to Medina the _____.
a) Vision b) Hegira c) Jihad d) Pilgrimage
The Japanese religion _____ involves the worship of spirits.
a) Kami b) Haiku c) Shinto d) Sonnet
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