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Charlie Parker was born in?
a) Kansas b) Maine c) Kentucky d) Texas
Louis Armstrong was born in?
a) Tampa b) Baton Rouge c) New Orleans d) Dallas
What was Charlie Parker's nickname
a) Big Bird b) Yardbird c) Grumpy d) Sugar
What was Duke Ellington's first major band?
a) Harmony b) The Tempos c) Green Day d) Cotton Club
What instrument did Louis Armstrong play?
a) Trumpet b) Piano c) Drums d) Flute
What was the theme song for Duke Ellington and his Orchestra?
a) Color me bad b) Yesterday c) Takethathin d) The Rose
Where was the Cotton Club located?
a) Harlem b) Boston c) Washington d) Mimi
When did Louis Armstrong Die?
a) October 31, 1880 b) September 11, 1960 c) August 27,1971 d) June 12, 1990
What was Louis Armstrong's nickname?
a) Satchmo b) Queen Bee c) Kiddo d) Yellow Bug
Who was Parker's greatest musical influence?
a) Lester Young b) Kobe Bryant c) Larry Bird d) Louis Armstrong
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