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Molly, and John went to Kingston. What is the noun(s)
a) Molly b) Molly, John, and Kingston c) Went to d) John
What is a Predicate?
a) The part of a sentence that describes the subject b) A capital city c) A hole in the ground d) The main idea of a sentence
Once again, the colorfull Peacock spread it's feathers, trying to flirt with the other peacock. What is the adverb?
a) Again b) Peacock c) Spread d) Feathers
She could see beyond the trees. What is the preposition
a) Beyond b) See c) Trees d) She
Lilly ran across the street to meet up with her brother. Which is the verb?
a) Ran b) Street c) Across d) Brother
What is a sentence?
a) A group of words that express a complete thought b) Cheese c) A incomplete thought expressed by groups of words d) The action the subject is taking
"BANG" The crazy dog bumped into a wall. What is the interjection?
a) dog b) bumped c) Bang d) wall
The blue bird flew into the sky. Which is the adjective?
a) Blue b) The c) Flew d) Bird
Latiff said "She, she stole your watch!" Which is the Pronoun?
a) She b) Your c) Latiff d) stole
She and Tony ran the mile. Which is the conjunction?
a) And b) Mile c) She d) The
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