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He needed agility and coordination
a) Did he need agility and coordination? b) Was he neeeding agility and coordination? c) d)
They were taking photos of Pompeii
a) Did were they taking photos of Pompeii? b) Were they taking photos of Pompeii? c) d)
I ate close to the Villa of the Misteries
a) Where did you eat? b) Were you ate? c) d)
The Volcano destroyed Pompeii
a) What was the Volcano destroying? b) What did the Volcano destroy? c) d)
The lion tamer tamed wild animals
a) Did the lion tamer tame wild animals? b) Was the lion tamer tamed wild animals? c) d)
She was buying cotton candy
a) What was she buying? b) What did she bought? c) d)
Thomas and I were cleaning thet tent
a) What did Thomas and I where cleaning? b) What were Thomas and I cleaning? c) d)
John sang a sad song
a) Did John sing a sad song? b) Were John singing a sad song? c) d)
They chose the comedy
a) Was they chose the comedy or the horror movie? b) Did they choose the comedy or the horror movie? c) d)
Peter was writing a book
a) Was Peter writing a book? b) Did Peter wrote a book? c) d)
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