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He exactly described the symtomps of burnout
a) symtomps of burnout were being described exactly b) symtomps of burnout were described exactly c) d)
Cause : to be more confident- Result succeed in your work
a) If you were more confident, your´d succeed in your work b) If you are more confident, your succeed in your work c) d)
In his speech, the President has mentioned crunch times for the country
a) Crunch times has mentioned for the country b) Crunch times for the country have been mentioned in the President´s speech c) d)
Result To not get a spoofing- Cause -to know well the manufacturer
a) If you know well the manufacturer, you won´t get a spoofing b) c) d)
The investors are going to recalculate the capital asset
a) The investors are to be recalculated by the capital asset b) The capital asset is going to be recalculated c) d)
Result The grantor to want- to sell his shares- Cause to have to lower the price
a) If the grantor is wanting to sell his shares, he'll have to lower the price b) If the grantor wanted to sell his shares,he have to lower the price c) If the grantor wanted to sell his shares, he´d have to lower the price d)
The director may audit the outstanding debts
a) the outstanding debts may be audited b) the outstanding debts are audited be c) d)
They must have made the company liable for the damages
a) The company is going to liable for the damages b) The company must have been liable for the damages c) d)
Cause to limit their unnecesary expenditure- Result to solve their cash-flow problem
a) If they limit their expenditure, they'll solve their cash-flow problem b) If they'll limit their expenditure, they solve their cash-flow problem c) d)
The manager had pointed Denisse as the top-selling before she left the company
a) The manager was pointing Denisse as the top-selling before she left the company b) Denisse had been pointed as the top-selling before she left the company c) d)
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