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The part of a company that deals with employees; might hire people and keep records
a) Job application b) c) Human Resources Department d) Fact sheet
A form used in making a request to be hired
a) Job application b) c) Social security number d) Supervisor
Someone who is in charge of others; a boss
a) N/A b) c) Human Resources Department d) Supervisor
Information about you; including personal, career and educational information, and references
a) Human Resources Department b) c) Fact sheet d) Social security number
A 9 digit number used to identify people for government purposes related to taxes, unemployment, etc
a) Social security number b) c) Place of birth d) N/A
Not Applicable; used on a job application in a section that does not apply to you
a) Place of birth b) c) N/A d) Social security number
The city and state where a person was born
a) Place of birth b) c) Supervisor d) Social security number
Your name, address, phone number and e-mail
a) Personal information b) c) Education d) Experience
A job you have had or a skill you developed
a) Experience b) c) Perssonal information d) Career goal
What you hope to become or achieve in your job in the future
a) Experience b) c) Personal Information d) Career goal
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