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What is the output per worker hour that is measured over a defined period of time?
a) productivity b) GDP c) GNP d) CPI
What refers to rising prices?
a) productivity b) inflation c) CPI d) business cycle
What is the total value of goods and services produced by a nation?
a) GDP b) CPI c) PPI d) GNP
What is the correct order of the business cycle?
a) Recession, Recovery, Expansion, Trough b) Trough, Recession, Expansion, Recovery c) Expansion, Recession, Trough, Recovery d) Expansion, Recession, Recovery, Trough
What a consumer's biggest fear during a recession?
a) spending more money b) getting more money c) losing their job d) business going under
What is the exchange of goods and services among nations?
a) imports b) international trade c) exports d) infrastructure
What are goods and services purchased from other countries?
a) imports b) exports c) trade defecit d) trade surplus
What is a tax on imports?
a) quota b) embargo c) tariff d) free trade
What is a business enterprise that a domestic company and a foreign company undertake together?
a) contract manufacturing b) FDI c) joint venture d) partnership
What is a company's use of an exsisting product or promotion from which changes are made?
a) monsters b) globalization c) customation d) adaptation
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