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Which management function do supervisors mostly do?
a) planning b) organizing c) staffing d) implementing
Which level of management is likely to have an advanced degree in management but not understand the nuts-and-bolts of a particular business?
a) supervisors b) directors c) mid-managers d) executives
Involves analyzing information, setting goals, and making decisions about what needs to be done.
a) organizing b) planning c) implementing d) controlling
Management style best to use when employees are experienced in the business in general and the specific task in particular.
a) strategic b) mixed c) tactical d) free
How many management functions did we discuss?
a) three b) four c) five d) six
Determining how well the business is accomplishing its goals.
a) controlling b) staffing c) organizing d) planning
Which management function includes developing a training program for various employees?
a) organizing b) staffing c) planning d) controlling
This level of management is made up of specialists who are responsible for specific parts of a company's operations.
a) supervisors b) mid-managers c) executives d) directors
To be a manager, one must have ___ for and ___ over other employees.
a) training, seniority b) responsibility, authority c) love, good looks d) accountability, authority
Includes all activities involved in obtaining, preparing, and compensating employees.
a) controlling b) planning c) staffing d) implementing
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