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Often known as the power house of the cell, this organelle is also responsible for cellular respiration.
a) chloroplast b) ribosome c) mitochondria d) endoplasmic reticulum
What organelle holds the genetic material responsible for passing on genes and contoling everything that happens in the cell
a) nucleolus b) nucleus c) golgi body d) cell membrane
This organelle makes food for heterotrophs out of carbon dioxide and water with the help of the sun.
a) ribosomes b) mitochondria c) lysosome d) chloroplast
This stucture is only found in bacteria and plant cells
a) cell wall b) cell membrane c) chloroplast d) ribosomes
This organelle is responsible for putting together proteins
a) chloroplast b) mitochondria c) ribosomes d) cytoplasm
This organelle is the gate keeper for what comes in or out of the cell.
a) cell wall b) endoplasmic reticulum c) golgi body d) cell membrane
If one cell needed more energy than another, I would expect to find more of this organelle inside it.
a) chloroplasts b) mitochondria c) golgi bodies d) nucleus
This organelle stores food, water and some waste products in it and is usually larger in plant cells
a) cytoplasm b) lysosome c) vacuole d) ribosomes
This organelle is responsible for making these macromolocules which can also be found in the cell membrane.
a) mitochondria b) robosomes c) chloroplast d) lysosome
This organelle is only found in plant cells
a) mitochondria b) chloroplast c) ribosomes d) cell membrane
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