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This is a thick protective membrane that contains an inactive bacterium.
a) Virus b) Host c) Endospore d) Crystal
These are medicines used to kill bacteria.
a) Pathogenic bacteria b) Antibiotics c) Archaebacteria d) Parasites
These kingdoms contain the oldest forms of life on Earth.
a) Plantae and Animalia b) Archaebacteria and Plantae c) Protista and Fungi d) Eubacteria and Plantae
These feed on dead organic matter.
a) Petri dishes b) Decomposers c) Parasites d) Cyanobacteria
This is a food source when growing bacteria in petri dishes.
a) Agar b) Water c) Antiseptic d) Dust
Rod-shaped bacteria are called...
a) Spirilla b) Cocci c) Bacilli d) Eubacteria
Most bacteria (common) are:
a) Eubacteria b) Archaebacteria c) Nitrogen-fixing d) Cyanobacteria
Spherical bacteria are called...
a) Crystals b) Bacilli c) Spirilla d) Cocci
A virus needs a ______ to reproduce.
a) Petri dish b) Host c) Endospore d) Crystal
Some bacteria are becoming resistent to _______.
a) Diseases b) Antibiotics c) Flagellum d) Breathing
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