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All living things are made of this
a) Cells b) Blood c) Bones d) Steel
All living things use this to keep on going...
a) Gas b) Electricity c) Energy d) Candy
How living things can make other cute little living things that look like them!
a) Copy b) Reproduce c) Clone d) Magic
Living things get bigger and change, in other words...
a) Grow and Develop b) Get ugly c) Reproduce d) Eat
When there is a stimulus, living things do this
a) Respond b) Grow c) Die d) Eat
Water, Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Lipids are all part of:
a) Chemicals of Life b) Smoothies c) Dinner d) Non-Living things
Where do living things come from?
a) Magic b) Non-Living things c) Dirt d) Other living things
Do all living things need water and food?
a) Yes b) Sometimes c) No, non-living things do. d) No, they need soda and water
Do all living things need a certain amount of space to live in?
a) No, living things can all live in the same space b) No, only some species do c) Yes, living things need a certain amount of space that can provide food and shelter d) Non-living things need living space
Another word for stable internal conditions?
a) Homeostasis b) Heterostasis c) Autotroph d) Heterotroph
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