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If Jeremy is feeding his Chihuahua 1/2 cup of dog food but uses 1/10 of a cup, how many scoop will he need to feed his dog?
a) 3 scoops b) 1/12th scoop c) 1/20th scoop d) 5 scoops
How many 1/2 cups of juice are in 1 and 1/2 cups?
a) 3 of them b) 2 and 1/2 of them c) 6 of them d) 2 of them
How many 1/4 minutes are there in 1 and 1/2 minutes?
a) 5 of them b) 6 of them c) 4 of them d) 3 of them
Arial wanted to save to buy a present that cost 6 times her weekly allowance. She decided to save 3/4 of her allowance each week. How many weeks does she need to save?
a) 5 weeks b) 9 weeks c) 8 weeks d) 6 weeks
Norberto has 1/2 of an 10 slice pizza that he will share with 4 people. How much pizza will they get?
a) 1/4 slice of the pizza b) 1 slice of the pizza c) 1/2 slice of the pizza d) 2 slices of the pizza
Four boys evenly split 4 ½ gallons of ice cream. How much will each get?
a) 1 gallon of ice cream b) 13 gallons of ice cream c) 1/2 gallon of ice cream d) 1 and 1/8th gallon of ice cream
3/4 middle school students use the internet more than the library. 1/20 students use the library. How many more students use the internet than the library?
a) 15 students b) 3/120 students c) 10 students d) 4 students
Hello Kitty purchased 2/3 of a yard of ribbon in order to make bows. Each bow takes 1/6 of a yard of ribbon. How many 1/6 yard bows can be made
a) 4 bows b) 10 bows c) 1/9th bow d) 5 bows
We have 4 ½ cups of chocolate chips. A batch of our Madison cookies requires ¾ cup of chocolate chips. How many batches can we make?
a) 3 batches of cookies b) 8 batches of cookies c) 4 batches of cookies d) 6 batches of cookies
Gregory has 19/20 yard poster board that he want to cut up into 1/4 yard. How many pieces exactly that size can he get?
a) 3 pieces b) 4 pieces c) 3 pieces d) 1 piece
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