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The poet's main purpose in writing this poem is probably to make the reader
a) feel the cold of winter b) imagine the fading of light c) visualize how lights appear on winter nights d) understand the difference between natural and artificial light
The poet compares various sources of light to
a) punctuation marks b) neon signs c) the end of day d) the darkness of winter
The poet probably associates streetlights with periods to suggest that streetlight
a) are too dim to be exclamation points b) signal that something has ended c) are smaller than the moon d) represent a change in activity
The poet probably compares the moon to a comma because of its
a) shape b) location c) purpose d) importance
When does winter dark come
a) December b) early c) late d) July
What does the neon sign do
a) puncuates the dark b) puts its period c) flash d) turn off
When does the streetlight come on
a) the morning b) Tuesday c) midnight d) the end of day
What is the poet's name
a) Michael Smith b) Lilian Moore c) Nancy Drew d) Winter Dark
Which of these punctuationmarks is NOT mentioned
a) comma b) period c) exclamation point d) apostrophe
How many stanzas are in this poem
a) 3 b) 15 c) 6 d) 12
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