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What are the 2 raw materials and energy souce for photosynthesis?
a) Oxygen and Glucose; sunlight b) Water and Oxygen; sunlight c) Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide; sunlight d) Water and Carbon Dioxide; sunlight
What is the green pigment that absorbs sunlight in photosynthesis?
a) ATP b) Glucose c) chlorophyll d) chloroplast
What is the waste product produced by photosynthesis?
a) Oxygen b) Water c) Carbon Dioxide d) Glucose
What is C6H12O6?
a) Carbon Dioxide b) Water c) Energy d) the sugar called Glucose
Where does photosynthesis take place?
a) cholorophyll b) centrioles c) chloroplast d) central vacuole
Where does Cellular Respiration take place?
a) mitochondria b) chloroplast c) centrioles d) ribosomes
what goes into cellular respiration?
a) oxygen and water b) water and carbon dioxide c) carbon dioxide and glucose d) oxygen and glucose
What is the energy storage molecule that is made during cellular respiration?
a) ATP b) Glucose c) Glycogen d) phosphate
Which is NOT product of cellular respiration?
a) water b) carbon dioxide c) glucose d) ATP
Where is the energy stored in an ATP molecule?
a) in the oxygen bonds b) in the carbon bonds c) in the phosphate bonds d) in the hydrogen bonds
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