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a) Climate b) Colony c) Compass d) Geography
A path – a road – a way to get from one place to another
a) Route b) Compass c) Colony d) Merchant
A community- a group of people living and working together
a) Settlement b) Compass c) Colony d) Criminal
The study of stars and planets
a) Astronomy b) Climate c) Geography d) Compass
The study of climates and land forms
a) Geography b) Climate c) Route d) Colony
An instrument that show direction
a) Compass b) Colony c) Route d) Criminal
A person who plans the direction of a ship
a) Navigator b) Compass c) Route d) Climate
A settlement ruled by people from another land
a) Colony b) Navigator c) Compass d) Geography
A person who buys and sells goods
a) Merchant b) Astronomy c) Criminal d) Geography
A person who has broken the law
a) Criminal b) Compass c) Merchant d) Navigator
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