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He\'s absent ___ school. I think he\'s ill.
a) for b) by c) to d) from
What we have is already adequate __ the everyone.
a) for b) of c) in d) to
I'm not really familiar ___ the condition.
a) to b) of c) with d) in
Clearly, it's equivalent ___ that of his.
a) to b) than c) of d) in
I want to be free ___ slavery.
a) by b) of c) from d) on
He's very fond ___ music.
a) of b) for c) to d) in
They are not friendly ___ other people.
a) for b) to c) with d) about
I'm really happy ___ your score!
a) in b) to c) of d) about
The cup is full ____ water.
a) of b) for c) to d) with
The servant is very faithful __ his master.
a) to b) of c) by d) in
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