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What is breaking down the road kill in front of the school?
a) Nothing, it will be there forever b) Bacteria c) Producers d) Herbivores
Codling Moths and Apple Trees have a _____________
a) Mutualistic relationship b) Parasitic relationship c) d)
Introduced species usually have a negative impact on ___________
a) Captive populations b) Native species c) d)
Which of the following would most likely decrease a population size.
a) Habitat restoration b) An increased number of prey c) An increased number of predators d)
Cosumers _________________ make their own food.
a) Can b) Cannot c) d)
_______________________ restricts the numbers in a population.
a) Biotic b) Abiotic c) Limiting Factor d)
Venus fly trap and a fly have a _______________________ relationship
a) Symbiotic b) Parasitic c) Predator/Prey d)
A _________________ is at the base of all food chains.
a) Consumer b) Producer c) d)
A raccoon eats both plants and is considered a(n)_____________.
a) Herbivore b) Carnivore c) Omnivore d)
A hawk catches and eats a squirrel.
a) The squirrel is the predator and the hawk is the prey b) The hawk is a herbivore c) The hawk is the predator and the squirrel is the prey d)
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